Strangers #5 - #12 {31 Strangers in 31 Days Project}

Friday, September 10, 2010

After I met Ric (Stranger #4) at the Lotus Pond in Goodale Park, I wandered further into the park where I saw a group of people with their dogs. Goodale Park is a bit of an informal dog park, where owners congregate & chat while the dogs romp! I had the good fortune to meet Strangers #5-12, who all happily agreed to be part of my 31 Strangers in 31 Days Project!

Strangers #5 & 6
Jack & Jason were there with their pup Kiki, who I believe was 10 months old. They agreed right away to participate!!

Strangers #7 & 8
Also in the group were Andi & Blair with their dog Atticus. Andy & Blair said people often mix them up because of their names, but Blair has the ball cap on! They have a wedding coming up!

Stranger #9
Rajesh initially was hesitant to participate in the project, but just look at that smile! He quickly agreed and began striking poses! Handsome guy!

Strangers #10 & 11
Kenny and Allen were a bit quieter - I caught them unawares! They were watching all the activity going on around them!

And lastly Stranger #12
Layla came to the park with her grandmother and was completely amazed with all the dogs! She was especially fond of Kiki, but made the rounds to all the dogs!

So, it was a very good day for the 31 Strangers Project!

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Annie said...

I love this idea, beautiful photographs as well!

MarĂ­a said...

excellent work! I really like it

...a place for twiggs. said...

This is really interesting, my dear!!!! Excellent work, and the portraist are beautiful! ;) Hugs, Twiggs