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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A lot of people say "What is Etsy?", when I tell them I have an online Etsy shop. Well, in the words of Etsy, it is the worldwide online venue where you can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies. For a great You-tube video on Etsy, look HERE. For me, Etsy is a way to show and sell my fine art photography. It is a community of indie (independent) artists all over the world. It is a place to buy or sell handmade goods and art. I feel it is a personalized experience for both buyers & sellers. In a way it is the opposite of everything "Big Box". And in a very basic way - the Etsy shops in the US are home grown small business with made in America goods and art. The basis of Etsy are "Treasuries" which showcase specific items. If one of these treasuries gets lots of traffic, it has a chance to make it to the "Front Page" of Etsy. Below is a Treasury which I curated showcasing of the beautiful and unique items found on Etsy! You can click on individual items to be taken to the direct link and shop. Enjoy!

'Lighter Than Air ...' by joystclaire

Since it is soooo very hot here in Ohio, I thought a cool, breezy beautiful treasury would help! Happy Summer!

CLOCK buJACZEk foLK whi...

Modern Day Aristocrat T...

Faded Pink - Fine Art V...

Vintage French Dining T...

Farmhouse Burlap Bolste...

A kind of hush - Fine a...

Vintage Painted Cottage...

Crocheted pure new wool...

ivory, champagne celebr...

bird canvases

Pleated String Lights

BIANCA layered capes bo...

Forged Steel Clock

Pincushion - Felted Cup...

Felted slippers - will ...

50% off with code TRAC5...


Alissa & Nathalie ~ Strangers 19 & 20 { 31 Strangers Project } Central Ohio Environmental Portrait Photographer

I'm very behind on my strangers posts and trying to catch up! It's been quite a summer!

One evening I was at the park of Roses in Whetstone Park to do a 1 year old's birthday session. I always get to my location early to check out lighting and settings. This evening I spotted Alissa & Nathalie strolling through the gardens. They had such a happy carefree mood about them that was hard to miss!  I started a conversation with them and learned they were on their way to Taco Bell to grab a quick bite and then were heading to the Robert Plant show in Columbus, Ohio. Nice! No wonder they were in a fabulous mood!  I loved their jackets (very cool) & they asked if I could take some shots to show them off - no problem! I hope you had a great night at the concert Alissa & Nathalie!

Peace out.

Strangers 15, 16, 17 & 18 {31 Strangers Project} Columbus Ohio Portrait Photographer

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The North Market in Columbus, Ohio is a fabulous place to visit for wonderfully diverse foods. And it's a great place to people watch! These "strangers" were kind enough to take a moment out of their day to be photographed and talk a moment!

Meet Brittany ~ Stranger 15. Brittany works at Brezel Pretzels. I was drawn by her creative look and focus on her work!


Strangers 16 & 17 ~ Tabitha & Anthony
This couple has been engaged one and a half years. They were at the market exploring and trying different foods.


And Stranger 18 ~ Andrew
Andrew was quite interesting to talk with. He works at the Green Grocer and is an aspiring paleo-anthropologist. We might see his face again one day on a Nova or Nature program about a new discovery in Australia or Africa!

I realize how much I love doing this project - slowing down & taking a moment to really connect with people.... & watching them smile back - no longer strangers!

Strangers 13 & 14 ~ Columbus Ohio Photographer

Monday, July 11, 2011

I have been a bit remiss about my blog posts - blame the lazy hot days of summer. I just can't seem to focus - I'm so easily distracted lately. But... I am going to make it a pint to get back to the blog!

The North Market in Columbus, Ohio has always been one of my favorite haunts - & also a fave of so many others! I stopped by one day for Jeni's Splendid ice cream. I spied Stephanie & Joni eating ice cream at a table outside & knew they had the craving, too! They are friends & coworkers, & were taking a break from their jobs at the downtown Hilton. Stephanie was in heaven over Jeni's Lemon, while Joni was enjoying Turtle. Once I got inside I had to get my new fave.... Brambleberry Crumb.... mmmmmm!