Alissa & Nathalie ~ Strangers 19 & 20 { 31 Strangers Project } Central Ohio Environmental Portrait Photographer

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm very behind on my strangers posts and trying to catch up! It's been quite a summer!

One evening I was at the park of Roses in Whetstone Park to do a 1 year old's birthday session. I always get to my location early to check out lighting and settings. This evening I spotted Alissa & Nathalie strolling through the gardens. They had such a happy carefree mood about them that was hard to miss!  I started a conversation with them and learned they were on their way to Taco Bell to grab a quick bite and then were heading to the Robert Plant show in Columbus, Ohio. Nice! No wonder they were in a fabulous mood!  I loved their jackets (very cool) & they asked if I could take some shots to show them off - no problem! I hope you had a great night at the concert Alissa & Nathalie!

Peace out.

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