Sugar Session! {Columbus, Ohio Child and Family Photographer}

Friday, July 30, 2010

It is sometimes a challenge to meet the needs of all clients in terms of collections. I really strive to do that, because after all, it is ALL ABOUT YOU! And it should be! I had many requests for a digital collection. But am now recieving requests for a middle of the road collection. I listened, and here it is! Introducing the SUGAR SESSION! For a download link that includes all my sessions, CLICK HERE. If you would like a copy with pricing, please send me an email! I would be happy to provide that!

This classic session lasts up to 1 ½ hours and is great for children, families & pet portraits. We have a fun, relaxing time and capture casual moments as well as some posed shots. The Sugar Session includes pre-session consultation via email or phone, the portrait session fee (sitting fee), portrait session, the photographer’s talent and artistic processing, a personal online gallery of at least 20 images, and three (3) 5x7s and three (3) 8x10s of your choice. This session is available Tuesday through Saturday.

Maggie Textures were used on this portrait.

MAGGIE TEXTURES {Tools for Photographers} and a FREE Postcard Texture

Monday, July 19, 2010

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~ Anatole France

Pets touch our lives. Most of us have had at least one pet in our lifetimes. They hold an important spot in our lives & hearts. Last evening, a neighbor recalled her childhood pet, a White Collie. She remembered going to the vet to see her the last time. It brought tears to her eyes 65 years later. And many of us will have our 1 in a million pet – the one pet we share a bond & connection more unique than the others. Maggie May, my lab greyhound, is that for me. She is my one in a million.

Maggie May became critically ill July 4, 2010. She was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. I almost lost her. She spent 2 days in veterinary emergency care and 4 days hospitalized at my vet after the holiday weekend. Maggie May came home & is recovering daily – her playful goofy nature is back. Her appetite is improving. What followed her home are huge vet bills (3K). My ability to pay these bills is directly tied to how many portrait sessions I book, and sales of my art and textures. At the present time, things are very slow & I cannot even make the payment plan.

I have created a special MAGGIE TEXTURE SET. The sales from this set will help me pay this bill. I am giving a freebie texture, and the cost of this TEXTURE SET is low to make it affordable. So please, no sharing! Please pass the word!! Also, if you don’t have the MODERNE TEXTURE SET, I am reducing the price to $20!! There is something for everyone in this set – traditional textures, backgrounds/frames & word/letter textures.

Maggie was in 2 homes & 2 shelters by age 1. She was the dog no one wanted. Maggie came home with me at age 1, enrolled in obedience training, & was loved. She ultimately went on to become a THERAPY DOG visiting heart patients in a local hospital. She has also graced many pet rescue fundraising calendars and small business logos & marketing pieces.

I had lost my 2 dogs (AGES 14 & 15) around the time my 2 ½ year divorce became final. My parents had passed prior to that. I had no family or support system. Enter Maggie. The irony is that twins ran in my family. I grew up believing I would have twins & I knew they would be girls. I picked out 2 names: Katie Grace & Maggie Jean. I saw Maggie at the shelter & knew in an instant she was meant to come in my life - & she came with her name! (For those who have read “The Art of Racing in the Rain” you will understand this!!) I adopted Maggie, & together we learned to trust & love & become confident – to live in the moment. The bond I share with Maggie is even more special since we volunteered together at the hospital. It was amazing to see how people responded to her & how much she helped them! I have always believed in volunteering & giving back/paying it forward. I want to help people. I actively participate in helping pet rescue organizations and to an organization for chronically ill/terminally ill children. And I have donated my art to raise money to help restore the Gulf Coast. I have always been the person rallying for a cause & helping. I am a private person, & I don’t like to ask for help. But Mags needs are bigger than I can handle, & even with the economy being so tough for everyone, it’s my hope enough people can help just a little bit by purchasing textures, art or sessions & we will overcome these tough circumstances.

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For the FREE DOWNLOAD of this postcard texture, CLICK HERE.

Sunny { Columbus, Ohio Pet Photographer}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Most of my portrait sessions take place at Inniswood Metropark or other parks in & around Columbus, Ohio. I have been hoping a client would want to head out to Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio. Dawes is such a beautiful place with all sorts of wonderful settings & backdrops. My wish came true with Sunny, a yellow lab! Her "mom" thought Dawes Arboretum would be the perfect setting for pet portraits! I couldn't agree more! We had a wonderful sunny day... perfect for a dog named Sunny with her happy disposition!