Summer Fair Days! { Ohio Photographer } [ Michigan Nature Photographer ]

Monday, July 29, 2013

It doesn't matter how many times I've gone, I still love it when it's fair time! There is always something new, & I always love the things that never change! Fair food, fun rides, people watching, the 4H exhibits and art exhibits and of course the animals... If you are in Ohio, you know of the butter cow,  always a tradition! And of course I love the opportunity to photograph the Ohio State Fair!

Shine Bright { Michigan Nature Photographer } [Ohio Photographer ]

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Take a moment and think about all the people you go by in any given day.... at the store, at work, at the park, driving here and there. Are there connections? Do you look, connect? I think about those things, walking through my life. And while I try to look, not so many engage and look back. But I have found that those who do look back - who do connect - who take the time to maybe chat - I really feel like we were meant to meet. In the past couple weeks, I have had the chance to talk with a young woman who is recently out of college and not currently working in her field. We each took a moment to connect and she is such a bright shining star. I have no doubt she will soon be in her field of training and passion. We cover so many topics and it feels like we have known each other from some place  before. And thinking about these people we pass each day.... it reminded me of when I look up at the night sky in the city. I know there are so many starts out there, shining unseen to my eyes - the light of the city diminishing their glow. But those that I do see - those shining lights - they are like the wonderful connections I make in my day to day travels. I will look for more today....

Summer Sunflowers, Water Lilies and Sky {Central Ohio Photographer } { Michigan Nature Photographer }

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I have always had a love affair with sunflowers. They are the happiest of flowers, always holding their heads up and facing the light of the sun. I always plant them the first year in the garden I happen to be in at the time, but then delight in seeing where they decide to self sow in following years - always coming up in the most unexpected of places, but always making the garden wild and beautiful. And water lilies... they create a calm serenity on the hot summer days in Ohio. And I love finding them floating in the inland lakes of northwestern Michigan in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area! These beauties were photographed at the beautiful Kingwood Center in Mansfield, Ohio the other week.  Enjoy these lovelies that are in my Society 6 shop!

10 Days New ~ Welcome to the World Baby Ethan {Central Ohio Newborn Photographer} {Michigan Newborn Photographer}

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Somehow they have been quietly a part of your hopes and dreams for so long. Then one day you joyfully discover you are pregnant! For some the 9 months go by slowly, for others quickly... but at the end of those months, one of the most life changing events. You become a mother and meet your little one for the first time! I had photographed C & C's engagement and wedding, so I was excited to photograph this next chapter in their lives! Welcome little newborn baby Ethan!


Get some AWESOME ART! And get me to the FRANKFORT ART FAIR! {Michigan Photographer} {Ohio Photographer}

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Several months ago, I applied for my first juried outdoor art show, full of hope, but not really expecting to get in. Well, the notice came and it was an acceptance! WOOHOO! So I launched a KICKSTARTER PROJECT to help me get all the things I need (equipment, product) to get to the show. Kickstarter is a way for artists to get a project funded and in exchange the people who back the project get some amazing rewards/art. It is a win/win type of endeavor. But it is also all or nothing, so if the project is not completely funded, the artist gets nothing and their project is bust. I have 11 days left on my project and am 30% funded. I REALLY want to get to this show and make this dream a reality. I would love if you could find it in your heart to share or back my project!! xoxox Thanks so much! Watch my video and read all about it HERE .