Strangers 13 & 14 ~ Columbus Ohio Photographer

Monday, July 11, 2011

I have been a bit remiss about my blog posts - blame the lazy hot days of summer. I just can't seem to focus - I'm so easily distracted lately. But... I am going to make it a pint to get back to the blog!

The North Market in Columbus, Ohio has always been one of my favorite haunts - & also a fave of so many others! I stopped by one day for Jeni's Splendid ice cream. I spied Stephanie & Joni eating ice cream at a table outside & knew they had the craving, too! They are friends & coworkers, & were taking a break from their jobs at the downtown Hilton. Stephanie was in heaven over Jeni's Lemon, while Joni was enjoying Turtle. Once I got inside I had to get my new fave.... Brambleberry Crumb.... mmmmmm!

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A New England Life said...

I'm with you Joy, easily distracted. While others are happily blogging away I'm busy working in the garden, taking pictures, cleaning the house, or bee-bopping around on the web. It seems sitting down to work on a post is not a priority!

Enjoy the summer, it goes by to quickly. Ice cream sounds good right about now!