Charlane Killough Griffith - RIP Sweet Soul

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am sitting here with a broken heart after hearing of the passing of my sweet friend Charlane. Charlane was not only loved by those who called her family & friend in "real life", but also by those in the online world of bloggers, FB & Flickr. Many hadn't met Char in person, but we knew her well - & she left her mark in may lives. Char had such a gift of weaving words into a beautiful story & added her photographs for a compelling view of life through her eyes. She loved life! She loved being an auntie, Nick Drake, ball jars & flowers... Char was such an inspiration in so many ways to so many people. She left a heartfelt legacy.

I was out of town when Char passed and then became busy with catching up & life - not checking in on FB or blogs. And just like that, she was gone. I had always wanted to buy one of her prints. So, today say "I love" you to those you love, -say it all day until the sun sets. Give hugs liberally. If someone has been an influence in your life or made a difference - make sure you tell them... & not just once. I read all the words/posts left on Char's FB page - so many sentiments of love - & realized we need to be saying those things & showing how we feel right now - today.... because we - or someone we love - might not have tomorrow.

Sorry for the rambling as I'm sitting here with tears. I have "known" Char for years & have enjoyed her friendship, support & inspiration. She will be missed.

I am including some of her photographs below in this post. And I found one of her last blog posts especially poignant.......


in my other life....

i would live in a house shaped like a triangle on the beach...somewhere warm and happy. where children laugh and adults giggle and the air smells like warm cinnamon cookies baking in the oven. 
 and you would come over for simple lunches. and we would chat for hours while watching the sea and the waves dancing. the salt would make our hair wild and wooly and we would laugh belly laughs that made our sides ache.

then after sunset, we would go to the carnival and ride the merry-go-round until we were dizzy.  we would sup on wonderful foods and eat with our fingers - never spilling a drop or worrying about being messy.  carnivals are know for that kind of thing you know.
after the carnival we take a walk on the beach. there we could stare at the stars, wish on shooting stars and solve the world's problems. there would be peace and understanding - and somehow we would figure out how to feed the starving children and make mosquitoes turn into butterflies. because the world definitely needs more butterflies.

then, when we are tired, we would slip into cotton sheets and sleep sweet dreams of happy places and wonderful things.

the life of simple joys, no worries, and plenty of love is for me - the rest is gravy on my potatoes.
~charlane killough griffith
And beautiful sweet soul - now you are there.
RIP Char. xxx
To see more of Char's photography, words and wonderful view on living & life, STOP BY HERE.


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A New England Life said...

I cannot believe she has passed either, Joy. Such sad, sad news. A woman who was taken far to soon.

Wonder tribute to a beautiful woman.


A New England Life said...

* Wonderful

Country Girl said...

I will miss her too. I adored her photography and consider myself lucky for having 'known' her.

Oh, I'd forgotten about Nick Drake!

((hugs)) this is beautiful.

spread your wings said...

This was such sad news for me when I just learned of it yesterday. You have written a beautiful tribute to our friend char. Re reading that last blog about the triangle cottage brings tears to my eyes. And makes me realize even more how much her daily post meant to me. You are right we need to share our appreciation for these people we know virtually just as we would those we know in person.
You have posted many of my favorite photos of hers. I especiallyl love the one of the horse in the field.
Thanks for sharing this.

Gone Country said...

I didn't 'know' her but had read about her passing on Country Girl's blog. You are absolutely correct about taking time to spend with loved ones and letting them know how special they are while they are still with us!

Caroline said...

What a beautiful post Joy. I know...such a shock. So funny how much I thought of here when I took photos...ah well, I still will. I miss her.

Mandy_Fish said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful lady.

beth said...

joy, this is beautiful. your words are perfectly spoken and felt....she truly was the best and will be missed by so many of us.....xo

ELK said...

this is a tender beautiful post about a very special friend .. never met her but I loved her and the way life appeared through the lens and words ..

deb colarossi said...

this took my breath away.
It is so hard to believe.

Mary said...

So sad...what beautiful memories and such a poignant post of hers! thanks for sharing Joy.

melody-mae said...

I just found your blog and it is so lovely. I am especially touched by your words and tribute to your friend. I often write in my blog about cherishing those we love, so I was very touched by this post.

blessings to you,

I am also your newest follower, I do not want to miss any more of you lovely posts!

A Life In Focus Photography said...

that post tore at my heart...she will be so missed...she passed within days of another of my good web friends...two in one week was almost more than i could stand.

Trisha said...

I found your article in Artful Blogging...a synchronicity for sure. I had bought this copy on an Artist Date...I had not indulged before because of the price...when I started reading how you went through a transition and renewal due to the workshop called The Artist's Way, I knew why I had felt inspired to buy this particular issue. I too started blogging after doing an Artist Way workshop, and I now facilitate The Artist's Way myself in my town...I fell in love with Julia Cameron's creation and want to share with others so that they too will open up to what feeds them. Your blog is beautiful, your photos inspiring. I am just starting to take photos, I have a lot to learn, but I am excited to explore this new creative outlet. I just shared your last post with a friend who blogs as well, but is blocked right now. She is mourning her own loss of a close friend. I thought she may connect with you through your blog, maybe she won't feel so alone. I look forward to reading more posts of yours and getting inspired from you photo's. I love the 31 Strangers in 31 Days project. I live in Northern Michigan, who knows maybe you'll be one of my 31 strangers someday.
My blog is It's Your Life...create it! if you ever want to check it out! It's a work in progress, but I love doing it!



Cora said...

A beautiful and true tribute to Char! I too was away from FB and blogs when this happened and was in total shock when I heard from a blogger friend! In thinking of Char I reflected on her photos of which many were favorties of mine and her blog posts. The one that came in clear and is my very favorite was the same one you chose to post here....I just love that post! I always love her visits to my fb and blog and knowing she was so close to me in the state of Alabama, I was in hopes that we could met someday! That never happened and it saddens me forever....I have never even seen a pix of Char so that I can put a face with her memories.... :(
But her memeories will live on in our minds and hearts....each time I enjoy my blue ball jars and other vintage items, and each time my camera clicks......

Tracey said...

The internet is kind of miraculous. I came to your blog for the first time today, loved it right away, love the 31 Strangers in 31 days project and fell into a spell, where I was intrigued by your friends photographs, then her own blog and etsy shops... I'm sorry that you lost a person so dear to you. Looking at her work, reading her words - I feel that it is a great loss for the world. I am happy, thankful to have been introduced to such a woman! I'm sorry for you.
Thank you for your lovely, inspirational post during your time of grieving.
You have a new follower in me.