In the North Woods - Michigan and Ohio Environmental Portrait Photographer

Thursday, June 16, 2011

When I discovered I would be photographing the beautiful DK, I was delighted. When I found the session would be in the divine woods behind her north woods home, I was ecstatic! In addition to the challenges of shooting in 90 degree heat (with equally high humidity) and the extreme light/shadows of a 3PM sunny day, I knew it would provide some very unique & personal portraits. DK is the owner and artistic force in her interior design and decorating company. She is also a nature lover and very much at home in the woods and wilds. And of course there is her fur child who delights her to no end!

What I love about environmental portraiture (on location) is that it really says something about the person being photographed and it is a very relaxing setting for the person (as relaxing as it can be with a camera pointing at you!). I enjoy forging connections - really getting to know people, and photographing them in their personal landscape.

I felt DK looked like a gorgeous wood nymph in her dress, and tried to photograph and process the portraits with that feel in mind. These are some of my favorites from the session.

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Anonymous said...

Oh these are just gorgeous, love pics taken in the woods !!

Katelyn Metzger said...

These are really really great. She looks so youthful and engaging. Wood nymph for sure!!!

Mary said...

You know, I've seen some beautiful wood-portraiture (is that a term)? I remember seeing some lovely examples from Jen Kiaba from Fpoe and I always loved how she did her self portraits this way. These are so quirky and unique, Joy! thanks for sharing!

Tracey said...

Beautiful & quirky - nothing better than that :D