Stranger #4 ~ Ric

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I usually have Maggie May (my lab/greyhound mix) with me & it has been easy to talk to strangers & meet people with her. Doing this 31 Strangers in 31 Days Project has made me approach people with just camera in hand. And I was getting a lot of "nos". Columbus has gotten very large and I'm finding if you don't have a child or a dog, people aren't always friendly. I met Ricardo (Ric) at Goodale Park photographing lotus blossoms. After receiving 5 "I'd rather not have you take my picture", I saw Ric & knew a fellow photographer would be happy to participate in my "strangers project"... & he was! Ric, who has been married for 20 some years, enjoys wandering to various spots in Columbus to see what he can shoot. This beautiful Sunday, it was yellow lotus flowers. He was practicing his technique and composition. Framing is important he said. Ric has dreams of having his work appear on the cover of a magazine. The day I saw him, he was practicing shooting to leave enough blank space for a magazine title and cover articles. Ric - one day, I'm going to see your work on a magazine cover!

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Char said...

i love the aspect of negative space in a shot. he sounds very wise.

great "meeting"

don't despair - i find that its very difficult to get people to agree too.

Caroline said...

Fantastic Joy...don't despair...and don't take it personally. I did find that asking younger people was easier...and guys!!!

Kristy said...

I really like the last frame here of the lotus pond. It's looks like the point of view of a frog on a lily pad!