Stranger 3 ~ Sally

Monday, September 6, 2010

I ran into Sally at Rife's Market in Grandview Heights. When my family first moved to Columbus many years ago, we lived in Grandview Heights. Rife's Market (circa 1936) was my Mom's favorite haunt. And after all these years it is still the same inside & out - it has a wonderful timeless feel. The great corn brought Sally to Rife's the day I saw her. She agreed to be photographed, but asked that she not look at the camera. Sally's husband, a painter, often takes photos of people for his painting without asking (much to their ire!). So she was appreciative of my asking first!

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Char said...

:) great shot and those tomatoes look lush

Mary said...

Nice, Sally sounds like me! lol. I love the fresh and small town feel of this market- great work!