Stranger 19 ~ John

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The North Market always seems to draw a very eclectic crowd - both in vendors & visitors. There is a certain mood/feel that I love about the place- & apparently so do a lot of other people! There are farmers markets here on the weekends (in season) & small art fairs... & of course musicians. I have never seem more than 1 at a time - perhaps there is an unspoken agreement or unspoken schedule they adhere to. The day I was there, John was serenading the lunch crowd. What really drew me to him, other than his great voice, was his big smile. He was quite happy to take part in the 31 Strangers in 31 Days project! And as I was leaving, he thanked me for maybe giving him a bit more exposure!

When I started this project 19 days ago, I wasn't sure I would be able to finish it. Now I don't really want it to end!

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Sheri said...

I LOVE this idea Joy, and I don't think you should limit yourself to 31 days and's way too interesting a project for a mere 31 days....who knows who you could meet? I'm sure it's interesting..the different reactions from people - some are honored, some are intrigued, some are indifferent, some are opposed, while others are more than happy to say...."CHEEEESE!"
Have Fun....! ♥

Char said...

i've seen people do these shots always - street photography is so interesting. keep it up!! :)

Char said...

and i should say great shot too - i also love his smile.

Carla said...

HI Joy, I hope you are enjoyin the stranger challenge. You certainly have found some personalities. Carla