30 Days of Gratitude 2010/ gratitude 7/ Acceptance

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It took a while to get here... but today I am thankful for being fine with myself/who I am & comfortable in my own skin. In a world of mothers & couples I'm happy & content as a childless single woman. My aunt once told me while going through my divorce that what she wanted for me, was to be happy on a Friday night keeping company with a good book or my knitting. I'm happy to say I have arrived! The abundance of love in my heart gets showered upon my dog Maggie may, my friends & clients children! We all have different paths, roles & lives... & I'm pretty happy with my path and role in life! Diversity is beautiful & makes life richer.

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Char said...

i've thought about this a lot lately - the acceptance and peace that comes from being comfortable alone. it's a beautiful thing.

beautiful write Joy