25.30 ~ Thankful Heart

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25.30 ~ Thankful Heart, originally uploaded by *ojoyous1*.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

I know some people who have so much, but don't see it. They are fixated on what they don't have. They don't have a thankful heart. On this day especially I am thankful for being able to appreciate the small things - because in the long run, they are what matters - they are everyday. I'm thankful for all those things in my life, beautiful sunsets, everyday walks with my dog, watching a leaf fall to the ground, having food on my plate, my friends, a roof over my head. I hope you have many blessing to count today & everyday!

30 Days of Gratitude Project

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Char said...

i am grateful for the little things!! hope you had a wonderful holiday!