30 Days of Gratitude 2010/ Good Friends

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I count my friends as the most wonderful of blessings. My friends are the family I got to choose.

Life is better when shared! Yesterday was the most wonderful day... It started with having Vietnamese soup with a friend (it has become "our thing") and then we went to rent a truck so I could FINALLY get a sofa! I haven't had a sofa in 10 years - just the love seat from my defunct marriage that I sold 2 months ago. My friend went with me & it is always a fun adventure with him! At the store (World Market) I realized I had left a coupon in my car. A woman behind us heard us talking & had a coupon - 25% off - sweet! We got the sofa to my place & then a very kind gas company man saw us & helped us get the box into my condo! My annulment went through this year & it means soooo much to now have my own little sofa that is just mine (& ready for someone new to sit on with me!). The day was so much more perfect because my friend shared it with me!!

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Char said...

friends do make life so very sweet