Monday, March 3, 2008

OK, just for you very special Pay It Forward Bloggers, I'm extending my 40% off texture sale through Wednesday!!! I'm so passionate about textures, & want everyone to try them & fall in love with them... & what they can do for your images!! Try them - you will definitely fall in love! You can also use them as borders by pulling your photo on top of the texture!!

Basic texture tutorial:
1) Open your main image (I use PS Elements5).

2) Open your texture.

3) Click on your main image to set as the background layer.

4) Pull the texture image up & onto the main image.

5) If the image needs resizing, click on image, resize, scale. Then drag the edges of the texture so it fits over the background image. Click on the check mark to set.

6) To the right, there is a blending modes drop down menu. Experiment with these to get a look you like. I often use Overlay, Soft Light, Hard Light & Screen.

7) Next adjust the opacity slider to better refine the look.

8) If the texture is applied over a face, you can erase the texture over the face area by using the eliptical marquee tool (pixels set to 60) to erase the texture. You can then use the eraser tool (strength set around 30%) to finish up.

9) Experiment, play around & have fun!

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mormar said...

I just found your site today after searching for textures and tutorials. I am really really wanting to learn to use textures and to become better at photoshop.
I use Photoshop elements 6 ( well I have it, I am trying to use it.) Can I use your textures with this program?