Thursday, February 28, 2008

Some of you have been asking, hinting, hoping....... And I've been listening!!! So, in honor of leap year, & in an effort to beat away the winter blahs, all textures will be 40% off today, Thursday (February 28) through Sunday (March 2). Now is your chance to grab these sets & play around, or learn how to get on the texture scene! Some samples from the Patterns & Swirls set.


And another...

~Patterns & Swirls #9

In the first example, I used the overlay blending mode & set opacity to 58. I then used the eliptical marquee tool with pixels set to 60, to erase the texture from the faces. Using the marquee tool creates a softer transition from the texture area to the face. In the second example, I used the hard light blending mode. Again, I used the eliptical marquee tool on the face & the eraser tool on the hair.

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cecile@papelle.com said...

Hello Joy -

I just sent in the payment via paypal for all three texture sets. I have been meaning to do this and your sale just put me over the edge....hehehe

Just in case you did not get it...My email address is ....cecilejanicek@yahoo.com

Renee Bell said...

these look awesome!!!! Any chance the pay it forward sale is still on??? I didnt realise and I would love to try them out :-)
I just found youtoday on flickr