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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter weekend! The flowers are blooming to their most heavenly beauty. Birds are happily calling to one another. The sun is shining more! And the air is warming.

And still, this weekend is so poignant for me. It was at Easter time on April 8th seventeen years ago that I lost my Mom and best friend after a brief fight with cancer. And now, only 6 years younger than she was when she passed, I find myself very focused on living life so very fully - very richly. I remember one of the walks I took with mom after she was diagnosed - I can still see her beautiful face full of wonder. I asked her what she was looking at. She said - "Everything. It is like I am seeing everything for the first time." To see the same with new eyes - I never forgot that & try to keep that thought & view each day. I realize that the seeds of my dreams long ago planted need now to be nurtured to fully flourish.... I am fortunate to be living my dream. But - there have been other seeds and dreams planted as well. And so this spring as I plant my seeds and flowers, I will be thinking of mom... of her dreams and of my dreams. And I will be busy nurturing them to full bloom!

Happy Easter Mom..... I love you.

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phoebe said...

Oh Joy that brought tears to my eyes! It's so hard when we lose the ones that we love but it seems to me that you really are keeping her alive with your spirit and your love for life :)
I totally agree with your seeing the world with new eyes philosophy.

Lisa said...

Im so thankful for you Joy. Your such a positive person and a Joy :) to have in my life. I can not even tell you how blessed I was to read this blog.
Thanks . I m going to keep those words with me. See the World With New Eyes.
Easter Blessings

Lisa said...

Gorgeous Image. I dont even know if I said that. Love it

Liliana Costa said...

That is so beautiful, I'm fairly sure your mom is proud of everything you have achieved so far, and most of all for actually enjoying life with such a joy :)

Orange County Photographer said...

Very beautiful photos! I really like the Reach for your dreams photo!