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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WE had a very dense and magical fog this November. Upon wakening and seeing the magical world outside the window, I grabbed my camera to capture what I could. I started at the metropark just a mile away, Blendon Woods. This is my usual haunt on foggy days. But the fog was so dense that I wondered if it was still heavy into the city. I traveled to Franklin Park Conservatory in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. The fog was still hanging in the landscape for some moody shots there. These are by far some of my favorite shots. All photographs were processed in Lightroom using Joyful Lightroom Presets (for jpg) & can be found in the sidebar. I thought it only fitting to end the post with foggy poems! Enjoy!

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The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor & city
on silent haunches
& then moves on.
~ Carl Sandburg

Majestic Oaks in silent solitaire
and Midnight's cold December air,
Rolling hills beneath Heaven's hem of grayish blue
Crowns the earth embraced by northern lights, and
gentle winter's mystic moon.
An unclothed scent of cedar's burnt, and
caressing valleys below,
Inspires Nature's misty gown of rising fog.
~ J Gregory PT Evans

It’s a mysterious morning in the wood as the fogs settled in
Fog dances with the wind through the trees twirling
A hazy white blanket diffusing scattering the light
Everything looks so different tricking your sight
The sun rays pours down breaking through the trees canopy
Linear streaks of light highlighting objects we see
Mysterious fog plays with the light as things it conceals
So when you are only near objects magically reappear
Strange shaped shadows jump out from the teasing mist
And twigs and objects appear that at first you did miss
The gloomy cold fog tries hard to hide the light of the new day
But the darkness and mystery it brings is not there to stay
The wind helps the sun to blow the mist from our sight
And wind sun versus the fog start their regular teasing fight
As normal the fog slowly loses, thins to a light haze in the air
Going patchy with little dancing wisps here and there
The light and the wind always it wins afterall
But the fog would just quickly disappear from us all
But look closely he left a present from his newly departed mist
On foliage are water jewel droplets where it gently kissed
~ Unknown

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A Life In Focus Photography said...

beautiful series Joy!

Kristy said...

So dreamy!

Naomi said...

Just had to pop by...was over at TML reading about the 31 strangers project...truly inspiring! Then I had to come here and check out your photography! These photos are simply AMAZING. Just beautiful. Funny thing is...I commented on one of your photos last night on flickr not realizing, until now, that it was your photo...ha!

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Jennifer Webster said...

These are so beautiful.

BlackRibbonPhotography said...

My daughter had to recite "Fog" for school... beautiful way to portray! Beautiful photographs!

clippingimages said...

very innovative photography.........