Stranger 25 ~ Michael

Friday, October 8, 2010

While in Northern Michigan, I met up with a photographer friend, Ken Scott, to do some shooting on the Elberta Pier during moonrise. I thought it would be a great opportunity to capture some more strangers for my 31 Strangers in 31 Days Project. I have to say, Michael - Stranger 25 was one of my favorites! Just look at that smile & mischief in those eyes! I wanted to adopt him as my dad!

Michael (ironically my real dad's name!) has been retired for 14 years from consumers Power Company, and does some consulting work. We talked about nature, fish, life and the Nature Conservancies in the area. He told me how the power company would donate land to the conservancies when it was no longer of use to them - a good thing as one of my favorite places to hike is Arcadia Bluffs CS Mott Preserve (land that was donated). All in all, it was a wonderful evening & a fabulous trip north!

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Mary said...

Amazing photos....agreed, he looks like a great guy! I looove this project of yours. I really have enjoyed "getting to know" strangers. :)

Char said...

gorgeous shot of the lighthouse and what fun to get to talk to people. he looks like a lot of fun.