Saturday, August 23, 2008

.henna bokeh

Thursday evening, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend & photograph a henna party! A bride-to-be held the evening for her friends & herself to be adorned with henna designs. It was an intriguing & fun evening. The henna is combined with honey & spices to form a thick paste, which is applied to the hands (& feet) in various designs. The paste is left on for up to 24 hours & then is flaked or rubbed off. The resulting design slowly darkens (lemon juice & heat hasten the process). It is said the darker the design, the longer & happier the marriage will be!

I attended the wedding today, & the bride's design had gotten quite dark... so they should be having a happy, long marriage!!

.peacock for good fortune...


.henna hands.

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Weddings 9-1-1 Photography and more! said...

Very nice Mahendi (Henna)! We will be shooting a 2-day Indian event later in December, can't wait.

By the way, I was sent to your blog by Denise Olson...and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! How on earth did you get the music here?!

Happy Holidays!

Nancy P. said...

What a wonderful event to have captured so eloquently! Thank you Denise for thinking of Barbara and I to share it with. Nancy P.