Saturday, May 3, 2008


OK...... time just seemed to DRAG slowly on! But suddenly here it is, close to the end of your JUNIOR year. You are about to turn the corner to your SENIOR year!!! Yay!

It's time for Senior pictures!! I'm looking for senior ambassadors!! This is a great opportunity to get some fabulous photos done, & then go out & show them to your friends! Ambassadors will receive a discounted photo session. A regular session is $150. Senior ambassadors get it for $50, as well as 2 free sheets of wallets and 50% off any print orders. Wow! That's crazy fun!! This offer is available until June 20, 2008!! Just email me (through the blog link or via my contact link at ) to set up a session!



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Karen Jensen said...

I'm trying to find the tutorial for the textures but i cant seem to find it! What am I missing?