Monday, April 7, 2008

Everyday, I take a walk. In fact, every day, I take 2 walks. My dog Maggie is good for that!!! She needs exercise, so we walk - 2 to 4 miles each day. Sunny, snowy, rainy.... we walk! I've discovered many things through these walks with my dog - my companion. I've learned that you make time for the important things - for what's important to you. I've learned that some things you just do - you don't let yourself get deterred by weather or other things. Each walk, I notice something new... sometimes it's out in the world. Sometimes it's something inside myself. But each day I notice, enjoy & learn. And I've met some really wonderful people - many who have become great friends. These daily walks have become a habit & way of life!



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James and Katie Jo said...

Hello there. This is Katie from dreamstime. Just wanted to say hello and give you the link to my blog.