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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm delighted to be the featured artist for March at CASEABLE. If you're not familiar with them, well then - stop over now to take a look. I love that they have a unique recycled product that sets them apart from the crowd. The following is their feature interview of my work & business! You can see my product line at Caseable HERE!

On the Couch with Joy StClaire

We sat down with the amazing and effervescent Joy StClaire to talk about her awe-inspiring photography.

Joy’s photographs evoke memories of her childhood in Ohio, and of time spent outdoors on her grandfather’s farm. She has a great attention to detail that can be seen in her close-ups of flower petals, morning sun breaking through the tree crowns or in the detailed ornaments of a carousel. Just as they do art prints, her work looks stunning on our cases and we admire her spirit that comes with it!

When did you decide to become a photographer?
I don’t know that I actually decided! For as long as I can remember, it is just how I have always seen the world – in “frames” or “squares”, and always being aware of light. About 10 years ago, I decided to actually turn this passion into something mainstream after receiving inquiries from people who had seen my work.

What is the first photograph you ever took?
Ah! I still have it and just looked at it the other day! I spent much time at my grandfather’s farm in the mountains and photographed the sunset while up in his fields one evening.

What is the most inspiring travel destination for you?
I loved the rugged wilderness and coastal towns of Nova Scotia, Canada and I also loved the landscapes and fishing villages of the Blue Hill Peninsula in Maine. On my bucket list? Charleston, South Carolina , Newfoundland, Canada , Scotland and the Oregon Coast.

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you after your career took off?
I keep looking at this question and almost laughing, because I guess I don’t really stop long enough to think of it in those terms (my career taking off). I feel I’m always growing and building. I guess I’m not so much looking behind, as I’m always looking ahead and thinking of the next phase and evolution of my art. I tend to stay in the moment and experience life as it happens continually around me. So I would say the whole journey is the best thing!

If you could travel back in time where would you go?
Where would I go? I think maybe the Renaissance because it was such a time of exploration and had such amazing art and artists. Or maybe the Roaring 20s/Jazz Age because it was a time of changing views and focus on culture, art and music.

What is your favorite book or what are you currently reading?
One of my favorite books was The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein – loved it!! And currently I’m reading The Little Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.

What's your favorite photograph of yours and why?
This is always changing!! Right now, I think it’s Inner Peace because it was taken while I was exploring the foggy woods of the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania while reconnecting with my college sweetheart!

Do you have any new projects you're currently working on?
At this time of year (so very cold!) I work on creating new still life pieces, usually with fruits or flowers or food and I am enjoying shooting on my aqua vintage table. Everything looks so pretty on it! I’m also talking with some artists about doing collaborations, and am thinking about doing a collage project.

You take amazing nature photos but if you could choose to photograph any famous figure, who would it be and why?
Thanks so much! I would love to photograph Amelia Earhart. She has always fascinated me and inspired me – following her passion to fly and always being her own person, taking chances and not believing in barriers. Of course her clothing and plane would make for amazing props in a shoot!


INNER PEACE is available HERE as a fine art print, throw pillow, shower curtain, mug, note card and gallery wrap canvas.

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