A Hello from Mom {Columbus Ohio Photographer}

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you believe in "signs", synchronicity or serendipity? You know, those ever so gentle knocks on the door of your heart from the great beyond/universe/God? We probably receive them more often than we realize... if only we were cognizant or in the moment enough. But when we become aware of those unmistakable moments, they are like rays of sunlight warming our cheek. The other day, I had a sign... a pretty BIG one in fact! It was a very ironic "Hello! I'm fine and I'm here with you!" from my mom.

Mom passed 16 years ago - much too young and too soon (58). During the viewing, children from her school laid origami cranes on her - and so, origami cranes always remind me of her. On the anniversary of her death, April 8th, I was getting beautiful at the hair salon. I was enjoying a wonderful massage/shampoo, and then returned to the stylist’s station. I sat down & looked next to me to find a woman sitting there making origami cranes! Wow! It's funny because I had been thinking I hadn't "felt" her in a while.

Thanks Mom, I love you, too!

After this little "message" from Mom, I decided to go through her old photo albums.

Mom as a baby with her mom, my grandmother.

Always some of my favorite photos of mom - angelic and mischievous at the same time!

Mom's dad, my grandpa. I think Mom got her joie de vivre and happy personality from him.

Mom was from a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania. When she turned 14, she went to the Jersey Shore for summer work with friends. They worked at ice cream shops and later at posh restaurants that saw the likes of Frank Sinatra.

Some of my favorite photos of mom are from her days at Kutztown State Teachers College (now known as Kutztown University). Up to this time she had always just been "Mom". Seeing these photographs was like looking at my mom as a real person. Mom is in the top photo on the left.

Mom was always a fun loving people person. Here she is bottom center.

I have always loved shots from the 1950s - the styles, the mood.
They were always posing & trying for a glamorous look!
Mom is top right under the umbrella!

Mom, top left - yes, with the beer can!
I always loved her smile... & she was always smiling!

Mom's graduation photo from Kutztown College.

Thank you to my photographer friend from across the pond, Claire, for inspiring me to go through Mom's scrapbooks. xo

xoxo Mom....

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Amy said...

oh joy! I do believe !!! yes it was your mom at the beauty salon! I have had so many signs in the short months since my mom passed away;) they are real if you are open to receiving them they will appear! and wow do you resemble your mom so much! love the old photos and stories! xoxox

Kate I said...

What a beautiful post about your mother Joy. An interesting synchronicity with the paper cranes and interesting too in that I had just posted something on my site about "signs" from the universe!

Thanks for sharing your pictures and memories. My mom has been gone for 7 years now and I felt the same way about really knowing her for the first time when I saw photographs of her as a young woman.

Gone Country said...

Such a nice tribute to your Mom! Thanks for sharing her with us! There's just something so nostalgic about old photographs. Love them!

Lisa RedWillow said...

Joy , Even when they go they are still with us. I know too and I smile with you and for you. Your not alone. .
Much Love

I have five gone now and they all come in different ways and my heart sings.

Mary said...

Fabulous collection..she is stunning just like you! she has a happiness just exuding from her! I would love to see more photos of my own mom so she can tell me the stories behind them while she is still here. These would be fabulous for the column "My mom, the style icon" in Lucky Magazine...check it out! ;)))

Char said...

beautiful - you look so much like her too! i love the shots from the 50's - such great slices of a wonderful life.