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Thursday, March 3, 2011

For weeks, I have been keeping this under wraps & I can finally make the announcement! (I am such a good secret keeper!)  I'm delighted to have entered into a collaboration with the fabulous Polarity! Since I first saw her picture lockets, I have been smitten! Her lockets are recycled steel auto parts, and include a set of 3 interchangeable tops. So fresh and clever & eco chic! To see what we came up with & for more info,  STOP IN HERE.

In her own words about her shop and lockets:

Polarity Lockets™ are the original magnetic, interchangeable jewelry! I weld, with love and propane, these adorable little lockets from a recycled steel auto part that with the help of a strong little magnet turns one piece of jewelry into many! Doing more with less is something I am absolutely committed to!

I collaborate with the most amazing and talented artists to bring you the most gorgeous and unique jewelry you will find anywhere.

I am a mad scientist mom living life with polarity (the presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies) at the beautiful Jersey shore!

I seek to repurpose sustainable materials in unique and beautiful ways and leave the lightest possible footprint in my wake. The polarity locket is made from a used steel auto part that has been given new life as a piece of jewelry that with the help of a very strong magnet and some beautiful lids can turn one piece of jewelry into several- the idea of doing more with less is something I am absolutely committed to embracing in all facets of my work and life!

Steel's distinctive environmental fingerprint has many advantages. More than half of the steel we see around us has already been recycled from scrap. This valuable material from old buildings, bridges etc. is a powerful energy and resource saver. It takes at least 60% less energy to produce steel from scrap than it does from iron ore. Waste disposal problems are lessened because used steel can be recycled over and over and its magnetic properties make it easier to separate in the waste stream.




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Babbling Jabbber-Monkey said...

Oh how cute, I love these!! Congrats!!!

staci said...

I love these, but wish I could buy customized versions with the the photos of my dogs you took for me!