Birthday Girl - [Columbus Ohio Pet Photographer]

Monday, February 15, 2010

Maggie May had her 9th birthday yesterday! She's a little Valentine! I got her 8 years ago at CAHS, & can't believe how quickly it has gone. She is just so tolerant & loving! Of course it helps that there is always cheese or a hotdog involved behind the scenes! Trust has a lot to do with the great shots I get of her. Well, and of course the food thing again! But the trust is so important. A large part of the trust building came from the Obedience Classes we took together. The classes helped build trust, rapport and relationship. So many grown dogs need good homes. It might be a good time to stop by your local shelter and find your Maggie!

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Anonymous said...

Love the little stress yawn she's doing in the last photo... like, "okay, had enough now, Mom".

The Blue Ridge Gal

Lynda Lehmann said...

Very cute in her get-up!

Jackie said...

The second one is to die for ♥

Hi, Joy! I'm enjoying your photography and you playlist :)

Anonymous said...

Your photography is amazing, and I love the costume! So cute :)

Jan's camera said...

I just love these photos of this adorable doggie. Usually I don't like when people put clothes on dogs but this is so well done. Beautiful shots.